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Adoption, yard sales, & puzzle pieces...

Trey Rogers

When I look at this puzzle I feel like it sums up a lot of where we were a few months ago in our adoption journey. A lot of pieces fitted together and A LOT that still needed to be put in place.

Last October our adoption journey suddenly changed. We had our story figured out. We would be with our agency and put our profile into the pot to be shown to birth parents and just wait. They said because we were so open there was a strong possibility we would match fast. Our hearts were ready to start our family of 5 with Teddy.

And then life happened. And our agency went under, closed its doors and we were left with a profile book and mixture of hope and sadness.

We have had time now to grieve, reassess, and keep moving forward. Two goals were at the top of our list: 1. Find a new agency or attorney to place with. 2. Fundraise

Both of these things take a tremendous amount of due diligence, perseverance and hopeful expectation. But, thankfully we were not alone in all this. Friends in the area helped us find an attorney’s office out of Tampa to work with and our profile book once again is being viewed by potential birth moms.

The fundraising has gone amazing as well. We put on a yard sale with donations from over 35 families in the area and made $8,000! One story that will forever be in our minds and we will surely share with Teddy over and over is about a couple named John and Terri. John came by the first day of the sale and dropped $100 into our donation jar and said “God told me to give this to you”, and then he walked away. We were blown away by his kindness and obedience and thought we would never see him again. Then the following day he returned with his wife and asked to speak to us. He said that every year they save up some money to bless someone with at Christmas time. This past year they didn’t feel like God led them to anyone so they’ve just been waiting.  When he had passed by the day before he knew God said to give towards our adoption. He proceeded to hand us an envelope with $2,500 in it. We couldn’t believe it! It was such a testimony to God’s love and care for us.

From the beginning of our adoption we have been surrounded by support and after our agency was no longer an option even more we felt the love, not simply for Trey and I and the girls, but Teddy. I cant wait to tell Teddy someday how he was a miracle to us and that he was loved and valued before anyone even had an idea of who he would be created to be. 

So, we have still have a couple of fundraisers we will be working on and we wanted to share them with you!

We created this puzzle for a fundraiser idea. I, for some reason, loved the concept more than any of the other fundraisers out there. The idea of people giving to put a piece of the puzzle together for our family will be a gift to Teddy and speak volumes to how treasured he is.

So, here are the details:

- Each donation will be one piece, we don’t care how large or small it might be, we just want Teddy to know you were excited for his place in our family.

- When you donate your name will be written on the back of the puzzle piece and we will have it displayed in our home when Teddy arrives.

If you are interested in putting a piece of the puzzle in then donate HERE. We have a new donation website that will give tax deductible receipts!

If you have already donated through our gofundme or to us directly you already have a piece with your name on it! Thank you to everyone who has kept up with our journey, we look forward to sharing more in the future.