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We've been matched!!

Trey Rogers

Yep... You read that subject line right, we've been matched with a birth mom!

You know how you have one of those days, when you wake up and think its going to be just another normal day, and then something life changing happens? That was us last Wednesday. 

I was leaving the girls preschool when I saw an email from our attorney's office. It read, "Mom due May 4 with boy. Are you interested?" My heart started beating like a crazy persons and I replied back, "YES! How do we proceed?" The next day our profile book was shown to her. We waited for what seemed like an eternity to hear back about the meeting and by 6pm we received the news that she wanted us! When she looked at our profile book she said she loved how happy the girls looked and she really loved their names. She said that we look like her kind of people. 

We wanted to meet her as soon as possible and we're able to go down on Monday about 2 hours from Orlando and meet up with her, and our birth mom liaison. She is very sweet and thoughtful and honestly wants to do what's best for her baby. We have prayed so many prayers about the health and well being of Teddy, but to see now the tangible faithfulness of God is so humbling and faith building. 

Those couple of days last week were such a whirlwind that its a little jarring now to be in the waiting game. She is 35 weeks pregnant this coming Monday and could deliver early, but if not we will be seeing our boy in May. Not too long of a wait at all, but somehow still feels like way too long. I have been seeing a lot of quotes and verses about waiting in the last week. Its funny how before we were matched I was ok and even used to the waiting aspect. But now that we have a name and face to our dream of adoption, the seconds are almost palpable. 

This quote I read the other day has stuck with me,"Waiting often feels helpless, but God does his best work in our weakness" Jade Mazarin

I couldn't agree more. This whole road towards adoption has been God working out of our weakness. We have not been capable of producing Teddy in our strength, but God has known who he would be and how he would enter our family. Our only job is to do the POSSIBLE, while God does the IMPOSSIBLE.

Along with hearing all this wonderful news we also have a HUGE HUGE HUGE praise report when it comes to our fundraising!!!! WE HAVE ALMOST ALL OUR MONEY! 

Because of the generosity of so many we have almost met our goal. WE ONLY NEED $3,000 left!!! It has been amazing to see the faithfulness of God as we step out and trust Him. Thank you so much to all that have given. 

We have specific prayers and needs that we would love you to partner with us in:

1. Keep our birth mom safe and in some kind of caring community in her last few weeks of pregnancy.

2. Help us as a family make our home baby ready, both physically and emotionally.

3. Keep Teddy safe and growing strong. Pray for no complications and full health upon delivery.

4. Bless our relationship with our birth mom and give us sensitivity to the hard place she is in her life.

5. If you feel led to help us with the last bit of the money we need you can give HERE! 

Thank you so much to everyone who has followed our journey and we would love to chat with anyone who feels like they may be interested in adoption. We don't know much in comparison to others, but any insight we have we would love to pass along. If its on your heart don't dismiss it, God may be leading you and if he does, then he will make the way.

We will keep you updated as things progress!


Rogers Family of soon to be 5!