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Biblical Support Raising

Support raising is not a 20th-century invention, but a way that the people of God throughout history have cared for and supported one another. Many Bible passages demonstrate how Jesus, Paul, and others received support from those who stood by them in their work.

Numbers 18:24, the Jews gave their tithe to the priests for support.   

Exodus 35, the Lord moved the hearts of the people to give generously so that those who are called to serve the building of the tabernacle had more than enough to do the work.  

Luke 8:2-3, many people supported Jesus and his disciples in their ministry.  

Acts 2:42-47 & Acts 4:32-37, the early Church gave so generously that they shared the resources they had with one another until everyone’s needs were fully met and the Church was built up.  

Acts 19:4-5, Paul stopped making tents to preach full-time and was supported in this ministry through the giving of the body of Christ.  

2nd Corinthians 8:1-15, Paul references the Macedonians as a people under severe affliction and extreme poverty but still gave with abundant joy even beyond their means to help fellow workers in the faith.