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Q:  Is support-raising for ministry Biblical?

A: A group of people called to full-time service being supported financially through the partnership of other believers has been central to God’s plan since the beginning. (CLICK HERE for further resources)

Q:  Why do you need to raise a budget of $6,000/month?

A:  As missionaries, our budget must include both salary and benefits needed for our family as well as travel costs for international ministry. According to ReachGlobal, the average cost to support a missionary family from North America is $10,338/month. When God called us to relocate to Florida we moved into a city with a median household income of $71,275. With our family of four, our fully funded budget of $72,000 a year will allow us to have long-term sustainability for our family in ministry. It also allows us to save for college, retirement, and other future needs. 

Q:  How can you be missionaries and live in Florida?

A:  For many people it is much easier to comprehend a missionary call that is geographical; a call to a specific people group in a distant nation and culture.  However, by definition a “missionary” is someone who has chosen to give their life and energy to fulfilling a “mission.” We believe that the mission God has called us to isn’t to live in China or Rwanda, rather it is to train & equip believers to be followers of Jesus who make disciples wherever they go for the rest of their lives. And we believe the most fruitful place on earth for us to fulfill this mission is to be based right here in Central Florida with Emmaus.

Q:  Why can’t you just get paid by the ministry?

A:  We run a 10-month, residential Bible School that we fully believe is transformational through the study of Scripture and an intentional community of discipleship. It is our desire to make this opportunity accessible to as many students as possible. The average tuition for a private high school is $12,900/year.  We charge $8,950/year which includes tuition, housing and food, this tuition cost only covers the operational expenses of the ministry. Keeping tuition low is essential to the fulfillment of this mission, and it is because of this that all staff have embraced the “missionary” life of support-raising.